Cars, tractors & steam trains

Summer is the best. Not only can I go outside without freezing, but my family and I take more trips during the summer.

An annual tradition is a trip to the Franklin County Fair, a quaint, small-town fair with old-timey machinery, lots and lots of animals, and the best vanilla ice cream in the world. My grandpa’s farm, a.k.a. my favorite place ever, is in Franklin County. I escaped work and Milwaukee for a few days to the peace and quiet of the country.

For Christmas, we wanted to take my grandpa to the steam train in Boone. So we headed down there Saturday morning for a train ride. It was a blast!


The sound of a steam train is much more pleasant than modern trains. It just sounds historical — like all the women should be wearing long dresses and all our lamps should use gas.


We went on a two-hour journey. It was pretty slow-going, but the scenery was nice. The most thrilling part was over a high bridge.


It didn’t look like there was enough track for our train!

After the train ride, we headed to Hickory Park, a well-known spot in Ames, for dinner. Grandpa said he really enjoyed the weekend — and I’m glad I got to spend it with him!


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